Customers and Business – Multimedia Marketing Lets Small Business Compete With Large Corporations

So, a solid business plan has been developed.  A service or product that is sure to be a success is almost ready to be unleashed to the populace.  The startup capital is in the bank.  Now, how does a business owner effectively market to the masses?  Forget the masses!  More importantly, how does the business owner market directly to the target audience without wasting limited funds on the masses?

The answer is right under your nose, or more accurately, within this computer.  Traditional marketing, just as newspapers, and periodicals, are downsizing due to the power, versatility, and accessibility of the internet.  Even though the internet has been in existence since 1969, but not as we know it now, it is still in its infancy.  

Marketing and multimedia companies were slow to recognize the power and commerce potential of the internet.  In the past 7 years however, there has been an explosion of company presences on the internet.  These companies and new companies everyday are positioning themselves to reap the monetary rewards of e-commerce and advertising.

As of Dec 31, 2000, there were 360,985,492 internet users according to   In 2005, the internet’s one billionth user went online.  It took 31 years since the creation of the internet to reach just over a third of a billion users and only 8 years to reach over one and a half billion.  Clearly the internet usage is growing exponentially meaning more and more potential customers are reachable.

With this internet growth spanning the entire globe, now a company as small as one person can market and conduct business 23,000 miles away, where as in the past, a range of 50 miles could only be realistic.  A multimedia marketing company or website consultant can give the power and presence to an individual to compete with the largest of companies.

Perhaps one of the best methods of marketing services or products are videos.  The advantage of videos are that they draw consumers into an interactive experience that had been missing from print advertisements.  This is much more likely to attract customers as well as convey more information than a static advertisement ever could.  Society is now an interactive computer savvy one.  It is time every business realizes that and take advantage of the potential. 

Healthcare in Australia

Having a medical emergency is one of the greatest nightmares one can face when traveling overseas. Many from the United Kingdom have gotten used to having the National Health Service but when outside the country, they have been unable to cope with emergencies when on the road.

There are many discussions online that have been placed in a situation requiring a medical emergency overseas. Adapting to your environment and learning the emergency services in the area where you are located. The risk is increased with availability or unavailability of emergency services. Often mentioned is Australia as it is wide and expansive and the most concentration of emergency services is in the metropolitan areas.

It is important that one keeps a healthy diet and be safe when traveling overseas. Avoiding exotic food may be one of the ways to keep safe. You also need to hydrated at all times to prevent getting a heat stroke. You also need to be careful of what you drink when overseas as the water may not sit well in your stomach. Access is also very important be it telephone access or even travel access to the nearest medical facility is imperative.

Another important aspect of healthcare overseas is the costs of attendant to an emergency. Medical coverage in your home country is often not extended into the country where you travel. Another issue would be the quality of medical services in the host country. This is most important in Australia, as this is a totally new domain to handle medical emergencies very much different from the United Kingdom.

Many online forums suggest that health insurance coverage is one of the ways to be amply protected when moving to another country. The healthcare system in Australia is very different and it is important that medical costs are covered when you do meet an emergency. Thus having medical insurance would be your healthcare in Australia.

The healthcare in Australia is free with universal access to those qualified for coverage. The funding for the system comes from a 1.5% tax levy from all taxpayers and an additional 1% from high-income earners. There is also a private health insurance system funded by health insurance organizations. You need to find out the fine print though especially the premiums and coverage so as not to be disappointed when you want to avail of the insurance coverage.

A perusal of the online discussions made seem to be light hearted but much of the discussions are often serious and deep. It is important that you know the emergency and medical services access numbers in the area where you are currently located. When Down Under, you need to be well aware of the system of healthcare in Australia in order to be safe and sound. This knowledge would make the difference between life and death. Also, you need to be amply covered by insurance so that you need not have issues on the medical costs for your emergency.

The best way to avoid problems when overseas is given in Australia Forum, “You also need to be proactive in protecting yourself when moving to another country such as Australia. Eating good and clean food is essential in keeping healthy when in another country.” If you do this, you will be safe and sound when overseas.

Top 10 Industry Organizations in Culinary

There are many different culinary industry associations for all types of chefs and for the food service world in general. These culinary organizations can serve as great resources whether you are a professional chef, a head chef, an aspiring chef, a culinary student or any other player in the gastronomic industry. The following are considered to be the top 10 culinary organizations in food-industry circles:

  1. The American Institute of Wine & Food: This educational nonprofit organization is dedicated to the pleasures, benefits and traditions of the table, with 31 chapters in the U.S. as well as a chapter in France.
  2. Chefs Collaborative: A national network of more than 1,000 food community members supporting sustainable cuisine through local, seasonal and artisanal cooking.
  3. International Association of Culinary Professionals: This 30-year-old group is one of the largest culinary industry associations, with more than 4,000 members in 32 countries. It is a nonprofit professional association that provides continuing education and professional development and sponsors the annual IACP Cookbook Awards, among other things.
  4. The James Beard Foundation: This nonprofit organization was founded in 1985 on Julia Child’s suggestion to espouse the philosophy, ideals and practices of James Beard, the father of American gastronomy.
  5. National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc: The NASFT has 19,000 members including manufacturers, distributors, importers, brokers, foreign government offices and other suppliers of specialty foods.
  6. National Restaurant Association: This is the definitive membership-based business association in the restaurant industry with more than 30,000 members representing more than 175,000 restaurants since 1923.
  7. New York Women’s Culinary Alliance: The NYWCA promotes cooperation and education among women in the food industry.
  8. Roundtable for Women in Foodservice: For 17 years the RWF has organized foodservice professionals while providing educational, mentoring and networking opportunities to enhance the development and visibility of women. There are 10 U.S. chapters.
  9. Slow Food: This is the largest of all the culinary organizations in the world. They are committed to supporting and promoting quality food and beverage patrimony.
  10. Women Chefs & Restaurateurs: The WRC promotes the education and advancement of women in the restaurant industry, as well as the betterment of the industry as a whole.

Real Estate Broker Reveals the Insiders’ Secrets to Making Money in This Market

Real estate has challenges today, but those challenges do not have to stop you from making money in real estate. A ten year veteran real estate broker reveals insider secrets on how to make money in any real estate market.

To keep expenses low you must be aware of your expenses. Your expenses may be:

1. Property taxes
2. Insurance
3. Maintenance
4. Mortgage

Despite the fact that an investor is not eligible for exemptions on income property, there are other ways to decrease the property taxes.

The investor must first understand how property taxes are calculated by the treasurer. To calculate the property taxes, the tax rate is multiplied by the assessed value. The tax rate consists of:

1. Police
2. Fire
3. Schools
4. Library
5. Trash removal
6. Health
The assessed value in most states including Indiana is some variation of the market value for the property.

The investor can lower his or her property taxes his or her property taxes by examining what the property is assessed at. Filing an appeal is recommended when the property is assessed for more than the investor paid for it or when the property is assessed more than the current market will bear. If successful with the appeal, the investor can save a lot of money.

The investor can save money on insurance, as well. The investor can have a higher deductible. The deductible is deducted from the claim with landlord or homeowner’s policy whereas with auto insurance the consumer must pay the deductible before the claim is paid.

The investor can also reduce his or her replacement cost to 80% of the value; therefore, the investor will reduce the premium for the insurance. This tactic is only advised if there will be enough available after the deduction to pay the property’s mortgage and/or money available to start on replacement of the property.

Still yet another way the investor can save money on insurance is by changing insurance companies. Yes, shopping around is another way to save money on your premium. Use caution here make sure you are getting similar or better coverage than you had before when changing insurance companies for a lower premium.

By setting aside a certain amount from each rental payment, the investor can reduce the cost of major repairs. By setting aside a little of the rent, the investor can be prepare for major maintenance issues.

Another way an investor can save money on maintenance is by having a home warranty. To cover most major components in the investment property, it is recommended to have a home warranty.

Shopping around is always the best way to save money on a mortgage.

Making and saving money in real estate is done by researching and shopping around for the best rates and values.

Internet Phone Service Can Make Money

Internet is a veritable boon particularly for businesses that heavily rely on telephone communication for its operations. The technology is well developed that today you can use your Internet connection to make cheap telephone calls to any part of the world. There are Internet phone service providers galore that can offer this service at little or negligible cost and can help you reduce your phone bills significantly.

Over the last decade, the business community has come to appreciate the manner in which Internet and computer technology has made things easier for them to communicate. The working principle of Internet phone is rather simple.

An internet phone uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which converts the voice signal to a digital signal. This digital signal travels over the Internet and is reconverted at the receiving end to voice so that you can speak to anyone with a regular phone number.

The Internet has totally revolutionized the telephone industry. Telephone, internet and satellite services are becoming more and more competitive. From the recent surveys and internet phone market trends, there is something positive driving the development of new internet phone features and functionality.

All that is required for availing VoIP system is a reliable broadband Internet connection, which you most probably already have. The biggest benefit of using an Internet Phone is that you can make cheap phone calls and save a lot of money as you are utilizing the Internet. VoIP reduces your overall costs because you have converged the voice and data on one channel.

VoIP internet phone service provides a big money saving alternative to the traditional land line phone. If you are required to frequently make long distance calls, Internet phone service can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Furthermore, as VoIP is digital technology, it offers a host of highly useful features that are absent in a conventional phone. It provides you the flexibility to combine phone calls with business data leading to more efficient business operations and improved productivity.

Another great blessing of Internet phone is its portability as you can take your phone anywhere in the world. VoIP system provides you access to features like voice mail, caller ID, call conferencing, call forwarding, find me follow me etc.

If you buy VoIP phone lines for business use, make sure you have opt for an auto attendant whereby inbound callers will have choice of who to connect with by pressing buttons on their telephone. The auto attendant feature also lends your business the image of a large corporation.

You can certainly save meaningfully on Internet telephony if you select the right service provider. For this, you can visit Then, click on the link for internet service and compare offers from different providers and select the best deal.

Many of the better known service providers will often bring out promotional schemes and offer you low monthly rates if you sign up for a 1-year or 2-year contract. You can avail this offer after studying their cancellation policy.

If you opt for an Internet service with lower speed you will certainly save money, but you will have to spend more time waiting in front of the computer as the pages load and this could be a serious disadvantage.

Why Technology Equipment Leasing Makes More Sense In Today’s Economy

There have been great advancements in the technology industry over past few decades. Consumers who have been alive for the past 40 years have seen what was once considered impossible are now so prevalent they are taken for granted. Both young and older generations are affected by the perpetual growth in technology. The elders have trouble adjusting to such quick changes and the youth doesn’t know what life is like without it. We have become almost 100% dependent on computers. This is not only prevalent on an individual level but also for businesses and organizations. Companies are constantly trying to get a step up on the competition with newer more efficient technology

With so many new inventions leading to newer more advanced technology it becomes very costly for a company to afford new machines and other advanced technology and keep with the competition. With the current state of the economy and bank lending essentially frozen, it’s now harder than ever for businesses to buy the newest equipment. It takes a lot of money for a business to expand even with high profit margins. Borrowing for expansion can turn profits into deficits, if a company is lucky enough to be approved for a loan. One of the hardest and most costly aspects of running a business is updating and maintaining new technologies. With the rate of change in technology what was considered state of the art one year is antiquated the next. Keeping up with new technology can make or break a company.

The basic equipment in the technology category are new computers, computer software, telecommunications, computer hardware, and audio visual. Even the smallest of businesses need computers and basic software. To stay in the game competitively, companies need to ensure their technological equipment stays up to par with the latest technology advancements. While this may seem like common sense, achieving this goal can be extremely expensive and cut profit margins. Finding a happy medium between saving profits and spending enough to keep up with the latest technology is a hard act to conquer as a business owner.

While it would be nice to be like the Googles and Apples of the world and simply just pay for everything up front, the majority of businesses simply don’t have that kind of cash flow. While the concept is by no means new, equipment leasing is valid alternative when it comes to purchasing new technology for a business. It enables companies both big and small to purchase the latest equipment, but still keep their cash flow steady. Equipment leasing allows a company to avoid big down payments if they were to take out a loan when they decide to buy new technological equipment. When a company leases the can still get the latest technological advancements in their industry while still maintaining the cash flow to run their everyday business activities. There are also various tax benefits to equipment leasing.

Because technology continues to change so rapidly leasing makes more sense than in previous years. Leasing enables companies to acquire new equipment for a certain period of time and then give it back. Once they make all payments to the leading company as well as returned the leased equipment they can then lease the newest technological advances in their industry. This also eliminates the “buyers remorse” concept when it comes to purchasing expensive equipment. Every company tends to make some bad decisions, this hold especially true regarding the purchase of new equipment. If a business owner or decision maker makes a bad purchase they are not stuck with that machinery indefinitely. They can learn from their mistakes at the end of their lease agreement and lease better equipment in the future. At the end of the lease if the equipment proves to be successful they can then decide if they want to invest in purchasing the equipment.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Beneficially Viable Business

Affiliate marketing is a beneficial and viable business for both the product owner and the affiliate marketer or distributor. It is a popular way to earn money quick online from an affiliates website and also helps the product owner to increase their sales. It is an inexpensive business to start with the possibility to make a healthy profit.

Some of the important benefits to the affiliate are as follows.

First, there is no need to create a product to become a successful affiliate, although many affiliates do. All the affiliate needs to do is choose the products they want to promote from a huge selection that are available in the market of their choice. In other words all the affiliate has to do is choose the market, select the product or products, get the promotional links from the product owner and their in business in no time flat.

From there the affiliate just has to focus on promoting the product and getting paid. The affiliate doesn’t have to worry about production or delivery of the product.

Another important feature of affiliate marketing is that the affiliate can start in this business with little or no money down. All they normally need is a domain and a hosting service which can be acquired for around $20.00. This is an incredibly inexpensive way to start a business, especially a business that has a global reach.

It is also a relatively simple online business due to the fact that the product owner and other entities in the business chain do all the heavy lifting. What i mean by that is they produce or manufacture, warehouse, deliver and handle the monetary transaction associated with the product. The affiliate is not responsible for any of these jobs. The affiliate just needs to focus on sales.

Since the internet is always open and once the affiliates site is up and running and basically becomes automated, the affiliate is not required to remain online to keep in touch with customers. People can visit the affiliate site and check out the products whenever they want. If they like the product they purchase it by just clicking the links. Hence the phrase “earn money while you sleep.”

The affiliates only concern is checking their email to see how many sales have been made and working on making more.

Another great advantage for an affiliate marketer is they can select and penetrate hot markets fast! They can select any booming market at any time and select which products they wish to promote. For example if the affiliate wants to get into the dog grooming market, they can do some research, find some top selling products, sign up for an affiliate program, set up a promotional campaign and start to earn money quickly.

Now let’s cover the benefits for the product owner in affiliate marketing.

First, they can increase their sales in a shorter amount of time. The owner’s products are advertised and promoted by many affiliates at the same time, instead of being promoted just by the owner himself, thereby increasing the chances of more sales. Also, the owner has their own website which of course is promoting the product.

The affiliates the owner has are all sending their customers to the owners site, checking out all the owners products, which gives the owner a higher page rank which means more traffic which means more sales for the owner in less time.

Second, the owner has a broader market to sell products. Having affiliates and adding new ones all the time expands the market of the product owner. Each affiliate has their own customers that they are sending to the owner which increases the owners market bringing the owner more sales and more profit.

Also, having affiliates lessens the workload of the product owner. Affiliates are doing the hard work of advertising and promoting the products. Of course not all affiliates are the same. Some will do a much better job of promotion and sales. This is the case in anything. The key for the product owner is to find as many high quality affiliates as they can and supplying them with high quality promotional tools. If the owner has a lot of affiliates doing a good job they do not need to spend extra time and money for advertising.

Affiliate marketing can provide the easy, fast and reliable way to earn money quick for the affiliate marketer. At the same time it gives more sales in less time and less cost to the product owner.

How Much Student Loan Can You Get?

As there are different types of loans offered for studying abroad, for undergraduate students and for graduate students and for studying in US. So, there procedures are different and different principal sum of loan amount can be offered according to the need of a student’s educational expenses.

  • International Undergraduate Student Loans:

This loan is available for non-US citizens who are enrolled at least as a part-time student at a TERI approved school. So, applying with a US co-signer is necessary to get approval for loan, no exceptions are accommodated.

Students need to give information about their Full names, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Permanent Address, Monthly Rent, Home Phone Number, Occupation, Employer details, Business Phone number, Gross Annual Income, Proof of enrollment, and References.

The international student loan is not need-based so students don’t need to worry about it. If the student has bad credit history, he should first review the credit repair options. A qualified co-signer is a must. The time of getting a loan depends on different factors i.e. credit history, school, and amount of loan the student requested for. The maximum of 3% interest rates will be charged for this kind of loans.

Undergraduate Students can borrow up to the lesser of the cost of attendance or $30,000. The total a student can borrow for undergraduate studies is $130,000 overall.

  • International Graduate Student Loans:

These types of loans are available for US citizens and permanent residents enrolled in TERI approved schools, colleges, and universities in USA who wish to pursue study abroad programs through those schools.

Information required is same as for the Undergraduate Student Loans. This is also not a need-based student loan program. If student has bad credit history, he can go for credit repair options first. Qualified co-signer is required as well. Up to $40,000 can be given for a year of student’s education in special cases and total up to $130,000 will be given for graduate studies abroad.

  • Alternative Student Loans:

These loans are for US citizens and permanent residents attending schools, colleges, or universities within the USA or international students with a US citizen co-signer. A co-signer is strongly required for both US citizens and non-US citizens. And both the student and co-signer must have good credit history.

Information required applying for these loans are similar to those for International Loans. These types of loans are also not need-based. Credit review options must be viewed before applying for loans with bad credit history. Maximum 3% interest rates will be charged on these kinds of loans.

Per academic year, a student can be assigned up to $30,000 with a maximum of $130,000 overall for graduate or undergraduate studies.

High School Home School – All About Homeschooling

Home schooling can be a great option for parents who want to personally see their children learn and develop their skills and talents and who want to personally make sure that their children get the best academic learning and avoid some of the public school’s poor environments. In fact, some parents may also opt for high school home school as well to prepare their kids for a better college education.

If you are a parent trying to put your kids in high school home school, find out how homeschooling can be an advantage and find out the risks and preparations needed as well.

Advantages of High School Home School

Of course, before even making a decision, take time to ponder on the advantages and disadvantages of putting your kids in home school even in high school.

- Homeschooling allows you to give time as well on what you want to learn and what you want to do. Although you may have the same subjects with those kids or teenagers in schools, being homeschooled allows you to have time for your passion and your interest more.

- Homeschooling also allows you to work at your own pace and you won’t be bothered with getting behind with your classmates. Of course, this will still matter but for as long as you have completed your subjects and you have completed what is required, that would not be a problem.

- High school home school also allows teenagers to become self-reliant and independent as well.

- Homeschooling also allows you to spend time with your family as well. Of course, it will also allow you to choose your friends and lower your chances of getting badly influenced by some classmates in school.

However, there are also disadvantages of high school home school.

- Aside from the fact that you don’t get to see your friends every day, it will also take away some of your motivation in learning as there is no one to compete to. Of course, there is a higher tendency that you won’t be too motivated to do more.

Although you can still socialize with friends and you can be who you want to be if you are homeschooling, socialization can be a little different. Of course, you can choose your friends but greater chances is that, you may not be able to go together in class or you may not share common things such as happenings inside the classroom or school.

Of course, among the biggest things that you can get from high school home school is the fact that it can help you a lot in getting into a university and improves your chances of being able to develop your talents and skills as well.

With the peer pressure in high school, home schooling can be the best alternative to get your kid away from negative influences as well.

An Introduction to Event Entertainment

Planning an event can be frustrating and exhausting. The number of decisions that you need to make is only outstripped by the flood of details you need to manage. Invitations, seating arrangements, catering details and decorations are only a few of the items that must be dealt with well in advance of your event. One of the most important components is your event entertainment. Most types of events require some form of performance to amuse (or even distract) the attendees. Below, you’ll discover the types of events that need entertainers as well as the types of entertainment that are available.

What Kinds Of Events Need Entertainment?

Practically every type of event can benefit from having some form of entertainment. Not only will it allow your guests to enjoy themselves more fully, it can also make your event memorable. For example, you may host a birthday party for your child. Hiring a clown to entertain the children can be a great way to captivate the children while the adults enjoy their own conversations.

On the other hand, you may be in charge of planning a corporate event that will draw top executives in your industry. In this case, hiring event entertainment can may include a live band, impersonators, or professional speakers. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a dinner party, retirement celebration, or industry show, hiring entertainers for the event can give the occasion an extra boost of distinction.

Popular Types Of Entertainment

There are many different types of event entertainment. Your choice will largely depend on the type of event you’re planning and your audience. One of the most popular types is live music. Few people dislike music. The key is selecting the proper music for your attendees. You can also hire comedians or impersonators for your event. Like music, most people enjoy humor as long as it’s matched properly to the audience. Another option is to hire 1 or more performers. These can include hypnotists, jugglers, dancers and even magicians. If you’re hosting an industry show, consider hiring a professional speaker. That person can address industry concerns or deliver a motivational speech to inspire your audience.

Considerations When Hiring The Talent

The key to hiring talent for your event entertainment is to understand the type of event you’re planning and the audience you hope to attract. An older crowd will likely enjoy different forms of entertainment than a younger crowd. Some events are naturally compatible with professional speakers while other events are better served with live music. Once you have decided on the type of entertainer to hire, work with them closely to ensure they deliver the performance you know your guests will enjoy.