Customers and Business – Multimedia Marketing Lets Small Business Compete With Large Corporations

By | May 22, 2023

So, a solid business plan has been developed.  A service or product that is sure to be a success is almost ready to be unleashed to the populace.  The startup capital is in the bank.  Now, how does a business owner effectively market to the masses?  Forget the masses!  More importantly, how does the business owner market directly to the target audience without wasting limited funds on the masses?

The answer is right under your nose, or more accurately, within this computer.  Traditional marketing, just as newspapers, and periodicals, are downsizing due to the power, versatility, and accessibility of the internet.  Even though the internet has been in existence since 1969, but not as we know it now, it is still in its infancy.  

Marketing and multimedia companies were slow to recognize the power and commerce potential of the internet.  In the past 7 years however, there has been an explosion of company presences on the internet.  These companies and new companies everyday are positioning themselves to reap the monetary rewards of e-commerce and advertising.

As of Dec 31, 2000, there were 360,985,492 internet users according to   In 2005, the internet’s one billionth user went online.  It took 31 years since the creation of the internet to reach just over a third of a billion users and only 8 years to reach over one and a half billion.  Clearly the internet usage is growing exponentially meaning more and more potential customers are reachable.

With this internet growth spanning the entire globe, now a company as small as one person can market and conduct business 23,000 miles away, where as in the past, a range of 50 miles could only be realistic.  A multimedia marketing company or website consultant can give the power and presence to an individual to compete with the largest of companies.

Perhaps one of the best methods of marketing services or products are videos.  The advantage of videos are that they draw consumers into an interactive experience that had been missing from print advertisements.  This is much more likely to attract customers as well as convey more information than a static advertisement ever could.  Society is now an interactive computer savvy one.  It is time every business realizes that and take advantage of the potential.